Technicians at Accessibility and Personal Autonomy

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The accessibility is not only a necessity for the persons that need it, but an advantage for all the members of the family. It achieves that persons with limitations of mobility can make use of his home with the less possible impediments. Have of the maximum autonomy and security at the house for all the members of the family. "As a home nowhere".


Autonomy to access since the street at the interior of the house. We realise a survey customised to endow at your house of the necessary infrastructures to improve the accessibility and security at your displacements.
To achieve delete all the ARCHITECTURAL BARRIERS that impede a good accessibility at your edifice, so much at the common zones like the fit at your house. (Elevators, platforms, chairs saves scales , ramps etc..)
We have wanted to group the PROFESSIONALS and companies of the sector that are expert at this field, to be able to achieve hand a project and an execution of work in the results desired.

Mobility in the house Canteen, Cuisine, Dwelling, Bath Assisted, common Zones. Adapted Interior.  Universal accessibility and Management of Works.
Endow of specific rooms for wheelchairs, foresee points of support for persons with PROBLEMS OF MOBILITY, adapt the zones of stay and rest at the preferences of the users are simple interventions and almost without cost that can improve of significant mode the day in day out of a lot of persons.
ADAPTATION OF The ENVIRONMENT: Achieve that our environment was accessible depends largely of how distribute the rooms and the furniture. His location will determine  at function of the NECESSITIES of each family.