Technicians at Accessibility and Personal Autonomy

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Personal Autonomy Report
ANIA SOCIAL, carries out a Personal Autonomy Report at home to assess exactly the Needs and presents an Action Plan, according to the needs.

Action plan
Depending on the needs detected, a selection of Suppliers, Products, Professionals and / or Services is made, as well as their Economic Valuation.
There is no cost for the user to visit the home, complete the Personal Autonomy Report and present the Action Plan.

Provision of Services, acquisition of Products or selection of Professionals
accompanies you during the provision of the service as a guarantee of quality and support throughout the process. The user makes payments directly to the selected suppliers or to the professionals of ANIA SOCIAL.


Home visit
A Technician in Accessibility and Personal Autonomy
travels to the home, in order to assess the situation of the User, Caregiver and their Environment, by carrying out a Personal Autonomy Report.

With the Personal Autonomy Report, we will be able to assess exactly the situation of the user, the caregiver and the environment, in order to have the necessary information to be able to make a proposal that will improve their quality of life.