Technicians at Accessibility and Personal Autonomy

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Receiving the appropriate advice in each situation is essential to know the guarantees of viability in the face of a management or claim.

We know that having expert legal support gives us the necessary tools to understand and defend our rights. Whether in the management of the user's assets, the request for aid or the review of the degree of dependency, knowing the guarantees of viability is essential. Our team of professionals is dedicated to offering comprehensive and personalized advice, taking into account the needs and particularities of each individual. Our mission is to ensure that all people have access to justice and receive the legal support necessary to achieve full inclusion in society.


  • Laboral inhability:

    • Temporary disability

    • Partial permanent disability

    • Total permanent disability

    • Absolute permanent disability

    • Great Disability

    • Non-disabling permanent injuries

  • Application and processing of Disability

  • Review degree of disability

  • Application and processing of degree of Dependency

  • Advice on preventive powers of attorney

  • Management and administration of user assets

  • Estate planning prior to death

  • Drafting succession agreements and wills

  • Advice on the document of advance directives (Living Will)